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Welcome to your Partner for Measurement Solutions

Tell us your measurement problem, we supply a technical and economic suitable solutions

If systems to measure closing force, IoT solutions for environmental monitoring, fuel amount and flow, injection control, RF data transmission (telemetry), flight termination system according to IRIG standard, high precision gas mixing or a rapid compression machine with sophisticated software for motor combustion process research, ask us.

In data transmission we offer all components, transmitter, receiver, antenna for ground and on board, high power RF amplifier, ground station control unit in UHF up to C-band.

For environmental monitoring, water and waste water monitoring in environment and industry we offer all kinds of components and IP connected data logger for IoT solutions from Unidata.

Our Rapid Compression Machine aiming on research in inner motoric combustion process is sophisticated and with its easy to use software safe and approved in many applications all over the world.

We are looking forward to assist you in planning your project concerning closing force, flight termination, RF data links, rotary transmission, RF ground and on board antenna, environmental monitoring, water and waste water monitoring, IP connected data logger, IoT solution, fuel injectioncontrol and others, just call us!